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Pic of one of my lovely lambs born a few weeks ago #lambspam

As a long term vegetarian who has Beyond Meat as a client, watching the rise of the plant-based meat / meat alternatives industry and the debate around it has been exciting and interesting to follow.

As someone who LOVED meat when I was younger (and pretty much hated most vegetables apart from potatoes and peas), giving it up was a huge sacrifice, but one I thought worth it, as an animal lover. I come from a farming area and had seen first hand on neighbouring farms, animals being kept in conditions I didn’t think acceptable (mainly pigs) and had even inadvertently gone to a local slaughterhouse, which was the final nail in the meat coffin.

Going vegetarian in the 80’s (yep that old), was madly hard. Firstly, no one really agreed with it, so that was the first challenge, and secondly, no one catered for it. You were a social pariah. I got used to going to restaurants and pubs with my family and being given “roast beef and Yorkshire pudding without the meat and gravy”, and sometimes without the potatoes too, as they were often made with beef dripping. Basically a plate of veg and a Yorkshire pudding. Then came the goat’s cheese era, where there was one vegetarian meal on the menu and it always had goats cheese in it - risotto, pasta, salad, tarte - to this day I hate goats cheese for that reason.

Now, most of those challenges have gone. People are more accepting of vegetarians and vegans; chefs are more creative with vegetables and people are making the decision to go veggie or vegan, or at least eating less meat to help the planet, for health or for animal welfare reasons.

While eating plant-based meat or “faux meat” has seen a massive surge in popularity, there are still those who think it’s a fad, over processed and not natural. If we look, however, at why people have chosen to give up meat (or cut down) there are a range of motives from ethical reasons to just preferring the taste and feel of a veggie diet, and then there are those that haven’t given up meat, as they are not convinced they can live without.

To me, it’s all about having a choice and not being pigeonholed or indeed judged. You can choose to eat dishes made of vegetables that taste like vegetables, you can choose to have something that is made of vegetables and tastes like meat, or you can choose to eat meat - as long as it is ethically and sustainably raised :-). The joy is having the choice. Instead of thinking of it as a fad, let's instead think of it as another choice to help people eat what they like with the added bonus of being good for the planet.

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  • Writer's pictureNicky Regazzoni

We're on the up! PRWeek UK has published its annual rankings of the leading PR agencies in the UK this month, and PRN is continuing to climb the overall league table and the technology table thanks to 20% year on year growth from 2021 - 2022.

We're now the 15th largest tech PR agency in the UK, with tech revenues exceeding £4m. Clients such as Workday, Dropbox and Western Digital have all trusted us with their business for many years, and our senior contacts love working with our highly experienced teams.

Thanks to the growth in our consumer practice, we also jumped up FIVE places in the top 150 list to #82, with 20% YOY growth to over £5m. Clients include Beyond Meat and Lexus.

We've doubled our growth in five years without doubling our staff headcount - no mean feat. It's now time to grow under our new MD Eileen's stewardship and see what we can achieve in 2023 - our coming-of-age birthday year! Watch this space.

Thanks to our loyal clients, the brilliant PRN directors and of course the extended PRN team.

#Top150 #publicrelations #team

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  • Writer's pictureKaren Meachen

We’ve always put client services at the heart of what we do at The PR Network and we’re proud of the fact that as our client briefs grow, evolve and change, we are flexible enough to go on that journey with them.

There’s not too much data out there on the tenure of PR agency client relationships, but various articles in the broader marcomms world show that in the ad industry, for example, the length of agency relationships has dropped from over seven years to less than three. We’re proud that our average client relationship lasts much longer than this and today we’re celebrating that we’ve reached the five-year mark with Workday.

There have been many things that have contributed to how we have reached this milestone together, but the underlying fundamentals include (in no particular order):

  • Trust: The opportunity to grow as a team as the Workday business scaled has provided the best environment in which to work together, troubleshoot and reshape the communications programme in partnership. The internal team we work with has doubled over our tenure and it’s been a pleasure to work with and alongside each and every one of them to continue delivering as we challenge ourselves daily.

  • Breaking the mould: Delivery of the first EMEA-wide campaign (followed by a global study the following year) around the state of diversity and inclusion in EMEA saw real ownership of the belonging and diversity conversation. After the campaign launched, Workday was the only brand linked to belonging and diversity in Google autocomplete. This is just one of the many proof points that saw us shortlisted for two AMEC awards.

  • Local expertise: Independent agencies and experts on the ground in EMEA markets who provide the counsel and local insight to ensure campaigns and corporate news lands in the most culturally relevant light is paramount. We are lucky to work with some of the best and brightest minds in this regard.

  • Storytelling: Not only have we been successfully telling the Workday story to media and influencers, but we have also been involved in helping shape these amazing customer stories with Alison Harper and the customer advocacy team that demonstrates how the brand’s technology is used in real-life scenarios.

  • Fun: It's no accident that our company values definitely align on this point! Doing the job well together but also keeping a sense of humour has definitely kept us in step along the way.

Thank you Grant Currie and Kate Falcone for leading the charge on this front. Here’s to the next chapter together.

#pr #pragency #team #clientsuccess

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