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There's no escaping ChatGPT and the power of AI tools to revolutionise the way we work. To better understand the implications of AI on the global communications industry, we hosted a client event with our resident digital comms expert Andrew Bruce Smith in conversation with PRovoke's EMEA editor, Maja Pawinska Sims.

It was a fascinating evening that could have continued into the small hours of the night. This brilliant visual record from our resident artist Caroline Chapple provides a detailed summary.

Issues we discussed with our comms leader community included:

💡 How fast AI is evolving and why it shouldn't be feared (overnight we've seen the launch of GPT-4 which will shortly be able to understand images as well as text, and turn text into video...)

💡 Some of the ways in which AI will benefit PR professionals

💡 The ethical and legal considerations of using AI, and potential governance

💡 What AI might mean for the shape and structure of the industry, and how those in the earlier stages of their PR careers will learn and develop in future, if a lot of the basic administrative tasks will soon be automated

💡 The impact on the client/agency relationship. Agencies will need to evaluate charging models to reflect task automation. This is a positive as client budgets can stretch further and we can offer greater value by focusing more time on impactful activities, but will require openness and transparency

💡 Why prompt engineering is a skill all comms professionals should be aware of

We'd love to hear of any developments you're seeing in this space, whether you're in-house or consulting to clients - and the implications you predict for our industry. Get involved in the conversation with us on LinkedIn.

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  • Writer's pictureEmilie Lien

Updated: Feb 17

It's been just over a month since I started my new job as Client Services Director at The PR Network (PRN) and in the lead-up to my first day I was intrigued. How do you start off at a remote agency, where all your colleagues work from home in different parts of the country? What does a “first day in the new job” look like without being marched around an office, meeting hundreds of people whose names you promptly forget and getting lost while looking for the loos?

Well, it turns out my first day, and in fact my first month, at PRN have been just great, and looking back I think there have been a few key factors at play:

  1. Before joining I was invited to the PRN Christmas party at the gorgeous Groucho Club in London, which was the perfect way to meet my new colleagues and clients. Because yes, PRN has such great relationships with their retained clients they invite them to their Christmas parties!

  2. I received a well-organised induction plan on day one from our MD Eileen, which included a packed schedule of meetings, a mix of video calls and face to face, and which meant I got to meet and spend time with everyone across the agency in my first few weeks.

  3. I was lucky to join just in time to accompany the whole team on an amazing trip to Amsterdam to celebrate the agency’s 18th birthday! We spent three days there, eating, drinking, having fun and exploring that amazing city, and I couldn’t think of a better way to get to know my new work family.

  4. I joined one of our all-team planning sessions in London for the day, during which we worked on the business plan for the agency as well as taking part in a brand vision workshop (more on that very soon).

  5. And last but not least, my fabulous bunch of new colleagues have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and show me the ropes, both virtually and IRL.

In fact I think that’s one of the best things about PRN. During both stints working for the agency, first as an Associate a few years back and now in my new role, I’ve been struck by the supportive work environment and complete lack of egos. Consider this: I have sat in busy offices surrounded by people while feeling totally isolated, and now, sitting by myself in my home office, I’m part of one of the closest and most collaborative teams I’ve ever worked with.

So if you’re considering applying for the PRN role we’re currently advertising but are unsure about the virtual element, my advice is don’t let that put you off! PRN has been virtual since day one in 2005, and 18 years on we really are perfectly set up for working this way. And at least you won’t have to repeatedly ask where the loos are on your first day…




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  • Writer's pictureGeorge Blizzard

Here's the team in Jan 2023 celebrating PRN turning 18th later this year!

As the new year dawns, a lot of people are considering if they’re in the right job.

We’re taking a fresh approach to recruitment in 2023 and advertising our next client & business development director role as an optional job share.

Our co-founders Nicky and George have operated a flexible job share arrangement since 2005 when they set up PRN. They wanted to find a way to build the agency & continue their career trajectories without compromising their families.

It’s worked brilliantly. Why?

  1. There’s someone experienced there when you can’t be - because it’s your day off; because you’re on holiday; because you’re sick; because your child is sick.

  2. Twice the energy, brain cells and ability to solve problems.

  3. Someone to share the load - both in terms of tasks, and to handle a crisis.

  4. Different perspectives bring more rounded ideas and solutions.

  5. It simply makes working life more fun - with the right pairing!

With PRWeek reporting at the close of 2022 that 9/10 of PR people surveyed were suffering with poor mental health, it’s time to think about how to make working life better. We want PRN to drive change.

We know from building our associate network that many PR pros leave positions because they cannot deliver their responsibilities in a three or four day working week. Companies like Roleshare are doing amazing work to normalise job sharing, but it’s still not a popular way of resourcing a permanent position.

We’re putting our money where our mouths are. Please contact for full details. You can apply as a pair - perhaps someone you worked with brilliantly in a previous role - or as an individual. We’ll then identify potential ‘sharers’.

Here's a snapshot of what we're looking for:

📣 10+ years experience in b2b and / or b2c

📣 Well-networked, preferably with a great international contact base

📣 Experienced in integrated comms, across broad sectors

📣 Happy to work in a 100% remote role (so also no mandated office hours, or commute…).

Our hiring decision will be based on suitability for the role and chemistry with fellow applicants. Please email if you are interested and fit the criteria above, and we'll send you the job specification.

The team looks forward to meeting you!






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