On 1st January 2022, we celebrated the start of our 10th year working with Zipcar, the pioneering car sharing network known for putting car clubs on the map in London (and the world).

This is a client close to my heart as I led the original pitch in 2012. Winning the account was a turning point for PRN; it’s a brand that any agency would love the chance to work with. While 10 years ago an agency with a remote team and no office was too much for some, the management team loved the fact that we were doing something different and disruptive.

The length of our tenure as Zipcar’s strategic communications partner makes me very proud. Our senior client services director Eileen has directed the account since 2013. She has been involved in a huge amount of change during the last nine years, working with several brilliant GMs during this time and helping build the brand into a household name.

On 1st January 2013, Zipcar and PRN embarked on a plan to raise awareness of the concept of car sharing as part of the burgeoning sharing economy. Car sharing was well-established in the US, but was perceived as an unusual method of transport in the UK. Our brief was to promote the cost savings and environmental benefits, initially to Londoners. Over the next few years our remit expanded to include support for launches - from Belgium to Taiwan.

While we were initially hired to provide PR support to drive consumer awareness and uptake of the service, it became quickly apparent that there was little point having more customers without enough car club bays across London. Zipcar expanded PRN’s remit to include public affairs support. In 2014 we were engaged to lobby central and local authorities, promoting the many benefits to Londoners from moving away from car ownership to a car sharing model, and positioning car sharing as a key element of TfL’s transport strategy.

We handed the PR wheel to Manifest in 2020, and they’ve done some brilliant work - particularly considering travel was banned during parts of the pandemic. We continue to handle the PA brief, directed by our senior associate Kate Hinton who can be credited with some incredible achievements for Zipcar since 2014.

James Taylor, General Manager at Zipcar UK commented: 'PRN has provided fantastic support to Zipcar over the past 9 years, and as we enter our 10th year of working together I’m excited about the plans we have in place. Since I started at Zipcar just over 2 years ago, Kate has been a constant support, helping to engage with local authorities and stakeholders to promote the benefits of car sharing and help even more car owners to ditch the private car and switch to sharing.’


2013: Launched ‘Zipstars’ - an influencer programme using celebrity entrepreneurs including HelloFresh founder Patrick Drake and luxury shoe designer Aruna Seth.

2014: Organised Car Lite London, the capital’s first ever major event on car clubs at City Hall, involving the Deputy Mayor for Transport and the Transport Minister. The event placed car clubs on the political map in London, and led to the 2015 launch of the car club strategy for London.

2016: Launch of 50 hybrid vehicles with Westminster City Council. PRN organised the launch event, which included key political stakeholders.

2018: Devised the Vision 2025 concept of an all-electric car sharing fleet for London, led by Zipcar. We organised a multi-stakeholder launch event to promote the launch of Zipcar’s electric vehicle fleet, Flex EV, which was published in London’s Evening Standard newspaper and generated significant stakeholder engagement and political credit for Zipcar.

2019: Negotiated Zipcar’s involvement in the ULEZ (ultra low emissions zone) event which led to Zipcar meeting the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. We also created an initiative for Zipcar to match fund the Mayor’s car scrappage scheme, demonstrating commitment to the environment.

2019: Launch of Zipcar’s first shared EV van, working closely with Lambeth Council and the Cross River Partnership to make this happen and support Zipcar for Business.

2021: Supported Zipcar’s involvement with the launch of the Mayor’s extended ULEZ event, which led to another meeting with the Mayor, and working very closely with the Mayor’s team and TfL to position Zipcar as the leading car club provider for London.

2021: Created a five-point action plan for London’s EV infrastructure, and lobbied London’s Assembly members to support the expansion of car clubs. Members used the plan as a clear call to action to impress the Mayor to increase car clubs as part of London’s transport strategy.

2021: Worked with Tower Hamlets Council to persuade them to host an event to launch a car made of plants and flowers, to encourage Londoners to make more sustainable travel choices.

2021: Co-authored Zipcar’s first UK Impact Report, launched and disseminated to key stakeholders. Used the report to promote the news of a significant growth in Zipcar’s EV fleet.

Where are we now?

Zipcar now has the largest EV fleet in the UK, and is on track to have a fully electric fleet by 2025. It’s great to be part of something which is helping to improve air quality in London.

Thanks to all the Zipcar team, past and present, for bringing us along for the ride.





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  • Nicky Regazzoni

Our consumer team has won a retainer with digital ID network Yoti as featured in PRovoke News in December. PRN’s brief is to drive awareness and adoption of the Yoti platform with UK consumers and businesses and build on Yoti’s 2.5m UK consumer ID app downloads.

A B-Corp founded on the principle of developing ‘tech for good’ since 2014, Yoti is on a mission to be the world’s trusted identity platform and build trust in the personal data we share. It has a dedicated social purpose team with community projects underway in developing nations where too many people struggle to improve their lives without an identity.

Its free app (iOs and Android) allows consumers to easily prove who they are to businesses, governments and other third parties with a focus on privacy and data minimisation. Individuals add their ID document and biometrics to the Yoti app to create a digital ID, then can share verified identity information in seconds with a tap or scan of a QR code, online and in person. Yoti also has the world's leading Age Estimation AI, plus eSigning, health credential management for vaccine and test sharing and many other identity solutions in one secure platform.

PRN has handled Yoti’s trade and consumer PR brief on a project basis since April 2021, publicising announcements around how its innovative technology is being used by organisations to instantly verify individuals securely and seamlessly - while protecting their data. Applications range from age verification by retailers, to parcel collection (The Post Office), to creating a child-safe internet.

Chris Field, CMO at Yoti comments, “The PRN team met our challenge to secure great high profile broadcast and national media coverage that helps tell our unique story to consumers and businesses. We’re a brand built around a genuine purpose and mission that solves issues that affect us all. With one in five 18 year olds in the UK having a Yoti ID and over 25,000 UK businesses already accepting Yoti, we look forward to building on the PR foundations we’ve laid with the PRN and establish Yoti as the new way to prove age and identity with the media and consumers in 2022.”

Our own Client Services Director and head of consumer Katy Campbell says, “The Yoti programme has been fast-paced and sensitive, as we’re covering so many topical and delicate issues. Our senior team has done a great job in laying the foundations, which we’ll build on in 2022 to show consumers and businesses how Yoti’s digital ID technology can be used safely and effectively to prove who people are, and their real age.”


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  • Nicky Regazzoni
"How are you today?"

This is a question we ask and are asked many times a day. However we don’t always answer truthfully, or expect a truthful answer. It may be because our generation was taught not to talk about our feelings - or maybe the (in)famous British stiff upper lip! Whatever the reason, unlearning this behaviour can help enormously in improving our mental health.

This was one of many powerful messages imparted by the phenomenal mental health campaigner Rob Stephenson at an event The PR Network hosted last week about mental wellbeing at work. Rob is bipolar and spoke honestly about his personal experiences.

Rob is on a mission to help build healthier modern workplaces. He’s the brains behind the InsideOut LeaderBoard which now counts 220 senior business leaders amongst its cohort of role models who are open about their own mental health challenges. Entries for the 2022 awards will close shortly - do enter, or enter someone you admire!

He’s also created the FormScore app which encourages us to check in with ourselves and our contacts daily, rating how we feel based on the factors he’s identified as driving good or poor mental health, including sleep, exercise, stress, work, family and connections.

I’ve been using it and it’s brilliant; but its use doesn’t end there.

The FormScore team are working with companies keen to improve corporate culture. The "FormScore for Teams” workplace platform aggregates anonymised data to build a picture of a team and the organisation’s wellbeing, and analyse the data to generate key insights. For instance, which driving factors are influencing overall health of a team, and calendar patterns. This helps FormScore’s customers more quickly identify potential collective morale issues, and personalise wellbeing benefits and resources at a team level. It's clever.

Rob also talked about the move to a hybrid workplace and the opportunities this offers to create a more flexible and supportive working environment, but also the challenges around lack of physical connection and the difficulty of ever switching off.

This graphic by our brilliant visual artist Caroline from Chapple Cartoons captures the event perfectly. If you’re keen to get more balance in 2022 for yourself and for your company, we’d urge you to get in touch with Rob. He’s a brilliant speaker (even on Zoom at 6pm…)





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