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A Bird in the Brand

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Sorry. But you know, we’re in PR and we can’t resist the lure of an (extremely obvious) headline.

Team PRN is excited to unveil our new brand identity in the form of a flock of three birds.

Why birds?

We are all about total freedom and agility - for our UK team, for our extended network of associates, and naturally for our fantastic clients. We give our people the opportunity to work independently, yet we flock together in seamless teams for clients such as Avis, Deloitte, Dropbox, Lexus, Toyota, Stripe, Vodafone and Zipcar. Excuse the shameless name dropping, but if we can't be peacocks on our own blog..!

So for us, a bird motif works perfectly to symbolise the essence of our brand, which we’ve spent 13 years building into a global business spanning 30 countries with 1800+ consultants worldwide. However, people still ask us, ‘What is The PR Network?’

Birds flying high...

After 13 years in business PRN has strong brand awareness, but people don’t always understand what we do. As a PR company, we now need to turn that awareness into understanding, and from there into engagement. The answer is, we do PR! However, we deliver it in an alternative way to most PR agencies due to location (anywhere you are), people (anybody with the right skills) and fees (not any price, but always for discussion).

Birds also have a clear sense of direction and purpose. The PRN Manifesto explains who we are, and our brand promise:

1. Be agile and flexible around client needs in how, when and where we work

2. Exploit technology to deliver a robust ‘virtual’ PR service - without a central office

3. Deliver international PR solutions cost-effectively for clients big and small

4. Keep overheads low and fees reasonable

5. Never overstretch our people or under-service our clients

6. Respect budgets and pay on time (and be paid on time)

7. Work with the best PR people who are talented, experienced, reliable and trusted

8. Build a global community of senior consultants who actually get to choose their clients

9. Offer freedom and flexibility to senior PR & comms consultants and respect their time

10. Do great work...and keep it simple

The PR Network is the alternative PR agency. Soar with us!


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