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AI and its impact on PR and comms

There's no escaping ChatGPT and the power of AI tools to revolutionise the way we work. To better understand the implications of AI on the global communications industry, we hosted a client event with our resident digital comms expert Andrew Bruce Smith in conversation with PRovoke's EMEA editor, Maja Pawinska Sims.

It was a fascinating evening that could have continued into the small hours of the night. This brilliant visual record from our resident artist Caroline Chapple provides a detailed summary.

Issues we discussed with our comms leader community included:

💡 How fast AI is evolving and why it shouldn't be feared (overnight we've seen the launch of GPT-4 which will shortly be able to understand images as well as text, and turn text into video...)

💡 Some of the ways in which AI will benefit PR professionals

💡 The ethical and legal considerations of using AI, and potential governance

💡 What AI might mean for the shape and structure of the industry, and how those in the earlier stages of their PR careers will learn and develop in future, if a lot of the basic administrative tasks will soon be automated

💡 The impact on the client/agency relationship. Agencies will need to evaluate charging models to reflect task automation. This is a positive as client budgets can stretch further and we can offer greater value by focusing more time on impactful activities, but will require openness and transparency

💡 Why prompt engineering is a skill all comms professionals should be aware of

We'd love to hear of any developments you're seeing in this space, whether you're in-house or consulting to clients - and the implications you predict for our industry. Get involved in the conversation with us on LinkedIn.

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