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"Born Virtual" - new PRN film starring our team, associates & clients

We were founded in 2005 when remote working wasn’t easy. Skype was newfangled, laptops were a luxury and there was no free wifi! Even if you could get access to the tech, flexible working was for mothers and others who’d stepped off the career path. It couldn’t possibly deliver business efficiencies and keep brilliant people at the top of their game. Could it?

Fast forward 15 years and the world of work is unrecognisable, galvanised by the pandemic. Entire industries, organisations, secular and non-secular have come online and made it work.

The words ‘how does it work when you’re not in the same room?’ won’t be heard again, but we used to get asked this all the time by people who couldn’t understand how a virtual PR agency could deliver the same results as one where the people all work in the same building.

We thought it would be fun to make a short film based on user generated content (UGC) from the people we work with, to celebrate our 15th birthday and commemorate some of the moments and milestones. It certainly was! Thank you to our fantastic director Ciaran Grant of CG Creates for his vision and to all the participants in the film, including our clients from Western Digital, Purplebricks, Zambon, Onna and Opentext, and all our associates from all over the world.

We hope you like it, and welcome any questions about our global agency and our plans for the next 15 years...

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