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New Year, New Job (Share)?

Here's the team in Jan 2023 celebrating PRN turning 18th later this year!

As the new year dawns, a lot of people are considering if they’re in the right job.

We’re taking a fresh approach to recruitment in 2023 and advertising our next client & business development director role as an optional job share.

Our co-founders Nicky and George have operated a flexible job share arrangement since 2005 when they set up PRN. They wanted to find a way to build the agency & continue their career trajectories without compromising their families.

It’s worked brilliantly. Why?

  1. There’s someone experienced there when you can’t be - because it’s your day off; because you’re on holiday; because you’re sick; because your child is sick.

  2. Twice the energy, brain cells and ability to solve problems.

  3. Someone to share the load - both in terms of tasks, and to handle a crisis.

  4. Different perspectives bring more rounded ideas and solutions.

  5. It simply makes working life more fun - with the right pairing!

With PRWeek reporting at the close of 2022 that 9/10 of PR people surveyed were suffering with poor mental health, it’s time to think about how to make working life better. We want PRN to drive change.