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Once upon a time in PR...

4th #FuturePRoof book published this week - perfect stocking filler for the PR pro in your life!

George and I are honoured to be included in this quirky book comparing"21 PR pioneers shaping our industry" to famous characters from ancient fairy tales and modern classics.

CIPR President and #FuturePRoof creator Sarah Hall has curated a gallery of PR practitioners who she believes are doing things differently and helping our industry to grow and thrive. Rather than a list of biographies detailing workplaces, clients and awards, Sarah decided to do things differently herself and match each PR pro with his or her fictional alter ego.

Featured alongside industry legends such as Sir Martin Sorrell and the PRCA's Director-General Francis Ingham, George and I have been described as 'sisters doing it for themselves' for breaking out of the traditional agency mould, as Elsa and Ana do in Disney's modern classic, 'Frozen".

Sarah has produced the latest book to showcase best practice and the talent in public relations today, as well as have a little fun. #FuturePRoof is a community and series of crowdsourced books created by Sarah to reassert public relations as a strategic management function. All costs associated with the design, production and marketing of #FuturePRoof are paid for by Sarah as part of her industry give back.

Illustrations from the book will be displayed at the PRCA’s new member workspace on Bankside, London. The gallery will be launched at a breakfast reception at the PRCA at 8.30am on Friday 30 November. To register your attendance sign up here. The coffee table book is available here at a price of just £10.

You'll love the book so much you won't want to Let it Go.






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