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Onna High: Another international win for our UK and US PRN teams

It's been a busy autumn so far with another exciting win: handling PR and analyst relations programmes for software firm Onna.

Onna is leading a new category of software called Knowledge Integration Platform (KIP) helping firms integrate and centralise workplace applications and joins a stable of tech pioneers that favour The PR Network's innovative and scaleable model.

Onna is fast becoming one to watch having just raised $27m in Series B funding led by Atomico, and $43m to date from investors as well as from integration partners, Slack and Dropbox. Becoming increasingly important in an age of virtual intergration, Onna can be integrated with any cloud or on-premise application, including Slack, Dropbox, GSuite, Office 365 and Salesforce, and its clients include Facebook, Electronic Arts, Fitbit, Carvana, Lyft, and Newscorp as well as Slack and Dropbox.

The PR Network has been brought in to help Onna drive awareness and understanding of the KIP category with stakeholders including investors, customers and partners. We've been chosen by global head of PR and communications, Nick Morris, to help him quickly scale Onna’s comms function. Nick has worked with PRN in three previous roles. He values our agile model, which gives him access to senior people without making expensive hires or having to manage multiple agencies in different countries.

Nick commented, “As I build the comms function for Onna, I know I need support from people I know, like and trust. By working with one partner, I’m now able to tackle multiple challenges and kick start several key projects at once. This approach is often more efficient than having to hire different agencies for each market or communications discipline.”

Four senior associates who have worked with PRN for many years make up the team for Onna and will work collaboratively across borders to introduce Onna’s leaders and create a buzz around its new product launches and partnerships in the UK and the US.

Our head of client services Eileen Boydell who is leading the account says, “Onna plans to be the market leader in its category, to which a strong profile and clear communications will be key. We are really excited to welcome Onna to the PRN tech client portfolio which includes Dropbox, Western Digital, Snapchat, Soundcloud and Nextthink.

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