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PRN appointed by Hydro Wind Energy to solve the world's water crisis

We're thrilled to share that we've won an ongoing partnership with Hydro Wind Energy Global comms publication PRovoke covered the story here. (HWE), a London-based renewables energy company, is one of the World Economic Forum’s Top 100 Startups, backed by techstars. HWE’s ambition is to provide clean, fresh drinking water and low cost, clean energy across the world, delivered in a sustainable way using its disruptive technologies.

Our global team delivered a project in 2020 in the UK, US, France and Germany to promote HWE’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its first go-to-market product, QuenchSea. QuenchSea is the world’s first portable handheld desalination device which instantly turns seawater to freshwater, described as a “profoundly significant invention’ by the head of a leading water aid charity.

HWE intends to help solve the humanitarian crisis by donating 100m QuenchSea units by 2027, potentially giving up to one billion people access to clean drinking water. As well as the humanitarian aspect, the $60 product appeals to the adventurer market including sailors and campers. This manifold usage and applications generated huge interest and the QuenchSea campaign raised over £250,000.

Following a further successful crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs which raised almost £700,000, PRN has now been appointed to support HWE on an ongoing basis with a product, corporate and thought leadership PR programme. Our in-market teams are set to handle the Quenchsea product launch and product review programmes to drive awareness and sales. Separately, we are developing HWE’s broader corporate narrative and messaging across all the different business streams.

Lee King, CEO of HWE comments, “We’re a start up with a mission to get our products out into many markets at the same time and make a difference to people who need fresh water and low-cost energy. The PRN model allows us to run multinational campaigns cost-effectively, working with senior people who know how to reach the right contacts, coordinated by the PRN Hub in the UK.”

Our Client Services Director and head of consumer Katy Campbell says, “We were blown away by both the ambitions of Lee and his team and the potential of the HWE products to actually go some way towards solving some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian problems. Our global team is passionate about helping HWE meet its mission of becoming the world’s leading energy company.”

We're also planning thought leadership campaigns for later in the year around other complex and revolutionary HWE technologies. These include SubSea RO (large scale offshore desalination plants, which use wind and water power to desalinate the water and then kites to bring the water to shore), and OceanHydro, a hybrid energy system that harnesses offshore altitude wind using kites or vertical axis wind rotors, combined with subsea oceanic pressure, to provide reliable, low-cost clean electrical energy and grid scale energy storage.




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