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Relaciones públicas en españa

🇪🇸I’ve always loved working with my international colleagues and more recently have been doing even more work in Southern Europe, particularly in Spain, whether it be ongoing work with our clients (large and small) or for one-off projects for brands launching there. So I thought it would be useful to share some musings which may help anyone looking to do more in the market.

A big thank you has to go to PRN associate Kiko Sánchez Blanco for helping (as always) with all the local insights.

  • Madrid and Barcelona continue to be the main “media hubs” but regional media also play a big part. Despite trust in the news actually increasing in other European markets, the converse is evident in Spain where it’s at its lowest level since 2015. It is only regional/local newspapers that buck this trend so worth bearing in mind to reach a broader audience.

  • As is common in many European markets, print media in particular is on the decline and media organisations overall have suffered considerably during the pandemic with more outlets seeking commercial spend despite more readership in the early day of the pandemic.

  • Freemium to premium continues to be a popular strategy with many outlets offering subscription services to increase revenues. The Reuters Institute claims that El País reached 100,000 digital subscribers in just ten months after introducing its paywall - all amidst the pandemic.

  • For those of you that have experienced the well-known telecoms event that is Mobile World Congress, you might remember its early days in Cannes until it moved to the Fira in Barcelona in 2006 when it simply exploded in size. So much so that it has recently been confirmed that MWC will continue to be held in the city until 2030.

The PR Network continues to offer scalable PR services overseas and we typically do work in more than 40+ different markets every year. If you’re interested in learning more about executing communications campaigns in Spain, whether it be launches, ongoing support or projects, let me know, especially as I’m a Hispanophile! Possibly even over some tapas.

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