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The PR Network joins industry allies to support the next generation of BAME PR professionals

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Together with consultancies Edelman UK, PrettyGreen and Ready10, we’re excited to be amongst the first to join the OnePercent initiative as a partner agency.

Co-founded by Michael Levaggi of Snap and journalist Lela London, OnePercent is a fundraising initiative aimed at increasing diversity within the communications industry. OnePercent enables agencies and their employees to donate 1% of their earnings automatically to the Taylor Bennett Foundation, a charity that encourages people from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds to get started in PR.

The lack of BAME representation in PR is a real challenge. The PRCA’s PR and Communications 2020 Census shows that less than one in eight (12%) of the UK’s PR industry are from a non-white background. And at a senior level, diversity is often an even greater issue. We’re keen to address this imbalance, which is why we’ve committed to the OnePercent project.

How OnePercent works

OnePercent will support the Taylor Bennett Foundation so it can continue to provide PR training, internships and mentoring programmes to people from BAME backgrounds.

Taylor Bennett’s training programme covers the professional skills and tools participants need to build a successful career in the PR and communications industry. And the charity’s six-month mentoring programme offers people from BAME backgrounds the opportunity to work closely with an experienced PR practitioner.

As well as providing insight into different areas of the PR industry, Taylor Bennett’s programmes support candidates as they prepare for a career in PR and work towards their individual career objectives.

Future plans of the OnePercent initiative also include funding bursaries and access grants and supporting the Taylor Bennett Foundation’s Summer Stars programmes.

You can find out more about the Taylor Bennett Foundation in this four-minute video featuring graduates of the programmes.

Agencies and individuals can join OnePercent to support the Taylor Bennett Foundation with regular donations. Donations are handled by the Payroll Giving Agency, Charitable Giving, and you can join the initiative via the OnePercent website.

What we love about this way of donating is its simplicity. Once you’ve opted into OnePercent, you can keep donating on a regular basis. Charitable Giving enables employees to opt in to donate 1% of earnings automatically via PAYE. And as more agencies and individuals join the scheme, we can make a significant difference as an industry and show support and allyship in a meaningful way.

Creating a fairer PR industry for all

The PR industry doesn’t just struggle with ethnic diversity representation; there’s a social background challenge too. The PRCA’s 2020 census shows that more than one in five (21%) of UK PR professionals attended a fee-paying school; that’s three times the national average (7%). The imbalance is stark, which is why we’re also supporting Socially Mobile, a new Community Interest Company (CIC) launched by PR industry legends, Sarah and Stephen Waddington. Socially Mobile provides training to people from lower socio-economic backgrounds, as well as under-represented and under-served groups, including BAME PR professionals, women returners and people with disabilities.

By supporting OnePercent and Socially Mobile, The PR Network is happy to be part of the change that needs to happen to make our industry a more inclusive and representative place for all.

Are you interested in getting involved with the OnePercent movement? It’s quick and easy to sign up and start donating. Head over to and join the initiative. You can join as an individual or as an agency, so click through to find out more.






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