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TPRN's co-founders make the 2022 PRWeek Power Book

PRN's co-founders George & Nicky are thrilled to feature in the PRWeek "Power Book" for the second year in a row. It's the "Who's Who" of the UK PR industry, and rather a big deal.

The Power Book, now in its 17th year, is 'the definitive guide to the brightest and most influential PR professionals in Britain'. There are over 400 people on the list, which includes agency leaders through to govt comms officials and in-house communication heads. The book launched on 15th March at an event in central London. It was great to celebrate.

The book includes a profile of each practitioner on the 2022 list, and a Q&A on their views on the main issues facing our industry today. We were also asked who has handled their PR most adeptly (Richard Walker, MD of Iceland Foods - Nicky; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - George) and who has committed a comms faux pas (Novak Djokovic - Nicky, Boris Johnson - George).

You can read the full Q&As here - but you need to be a PRWeek subscriber!

George Blizzard:

Nicky Regazzoni:




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