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Yoti hires The PR Network for UK brief

Our consumer team has won a retainer with digital ID network Yoti as featured in PRovoke News in December. PRN’s brief is to drive awareness and adoption of the Yoti platform with UK consumers and businesses and build on Yoti’s 2.5m UK consumer ID app downloads.

A B-Corp founded on the principle of developing ‘tech for good’ since 2014, Yoti is on a mission to be the world’s trusted identity platform and build trust in the personal data we share. It has a dedicated social purpose team with community projects underway in developing nations where too many people struggle to improve their lives without an identity.

Its free app (iOs and Android) allows consumers to easily prove who they are to businesses, governments and other third parties with a focus on privacy and data minimisation. Individuals add their ID document and biometrics to the Yoti app to create a digital ID, then can share verified identity information in seconds with a tap or scan of a QR code, online and in person. Yoti also has the world's leading Age Estimation AI, plus eSigning, health credential management for vaccine and test sharing and many other identity solutions in one secure platform.

PRN has handled Yoti’s trade and consumer PR brief on a project basis since April 2021, publicising announcements around how its innovative technology is being used by organisations to instantly verify individuals securely and seamlessly - while protecting their data. Applications range from age verification by retailers, to parcel collection (The Post Office), to creating a child-safe internet.

Chris Field, CMO at Yoti comments, “The PRN team met our challenge to secure great high profile broadcast and national media coverage that helps tell our unique story to consumers and businesses. We’re a brand built around a genuine purpose and mission that solves issues that affect us all. With one in five 18 year olds in the UK having a Yoti ID and over 25,000 UK businesses already accepting Yoti, we look forward to building on the PR foundations we’ve laid with the PRN and establish Yoti as the new way to prove age and identity with the media and consumers in 2022.”

Our own Client Services Director and head of consumer Katy Campbell says, “The Yoti programme has been fast-paced and sensitive, as we’re covering so many topical and delicate issues. Our senior team has done a great job in laying the foundations, which we’ll build on in 2022 to show consumers and businesses how Yoti’s digital ID technology can be used safely and effectively to prove who people are, and their real age.”



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